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Absaroka Enterprises is the parent company for some of Wyoming’s newest and most exciting companies.  We are dedicated to operating our family of companies in the most ethical manner possible.  Please check out our companies below.

Alpha and Omega Outdoors

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Alpha and Omega Outdoors is a family of outdoor enthusiasts who have explored the country to experience every aspect that nature has to offer. Starting out in Ohio, they set their sights on more ambitious places like Wyoming’s majestic Rocky Mountains for even greater adventures.

With years of knowledge in hunting, fishing, camping and trapping combined with enthusiasm for helping others share their love for the outdoors – Alpha and Omega Outdoors is here as your guide! Whether you consider yourself an expert or just starting out, learning about this fantastic lifestyle this is the place for you. They know not everyone does it “perfectly” but being successful while having fun along the way is what matters most!

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Beekeeping 101 is a comprehensive education resource about beekeeping and honey. Founded in Wyoming in 2016, we are dedicated to helping new and veteran beekeepers learn the ins and outs of properly managing hives and harvesting honey. We provide information on the latest techniques and technologies for beekeepers, as well as offering interactive courses that cover everything from beginner to advanced levels. Our kits provide all the necessary supplies to get you up and running with your hive quickly and easily. We also offer support forums, where experienced beekeepers can answer any questions that you may have about beekeeping. Whether you’re a first-time hobbyist or an experienced professional, Beekeeping 101 has the resources and know-how to get you started. So, don’t wait – join us today and start making honey!

Equine Expeditioners is a Wyoming based adventure educational service. Founded in 2017, we provide an array of horsemanship skills including horse packing, camping, trail riding, and backcountry horsemanship. Our programs teach people how to interact with horses responsibly while learning the importance of self-reliance and relationship building. We provide education, experiences, and outdoor adventures for all ages. Our team of equestrian specialists are dedicated to provide our clients with the best experience possible. Let us help you explore Wyoming’s stunning backcountry in confidence!  We look forward to seeing you on the trail!

Ramshorn Llamas has been providing llamas for adventure seekers since 2017. We specialize in llama rentals for wilderness adventures such as camping, pack trips, and backpacking excursions. We also provide quality breeding stock and pack llamas for those looking to make a more permanent commitment to the llama lifestyle. Our team of experienced staff are committed to providing the best llama rental experience possible. We take pride in knowing our customers have had an enjoyable, safe, and successful trip with our animals!

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https://thehomesteadinghaven.comWelcome to The Homesteading Haven, a comprehensive blog dedicated to providing expert insights and practical guidance on the art of homesteading. Based in the heart of Wyoming, we offer a wealth of knowledge and resources to help you navigate the challenges and rewards of this lifestyle. Our blog covers a broad range of topics including livestock rearing, food cultivation, DIY projects, and innovative techniques for achieving self-sufficiency. We also share our own homesteading journey, providing readers with valuable tips and advice based on our personal experiences. Join us on this exciting journey of exploration and discovery as we explore the limitless possibilities of homesteading.

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